Ranex Rustbuster manual

Revised June 2016


Heavy rust: Ranex Rustbuster converts (heavy) rust from a detrimental oxide to a beneficial phosphate of iron, chemically destroying any rust present & leaving the surface in a suitable condition for painting when completely dry.

Ranex Rustbuster can be applied on steel, iron, stainless steel, coating, lack, GRP.

Surface rust and ruststripes – Removes rust spots, cleans stainless steel, chrome. Ideal for spots of rust on coating and GRP.

Stain remover/cleaner – Dissolves and cleans off bore water, rust and mineral stains from most internal and external surfaces as from machines, windows, walls, boats & other non – porous surfaces. some brick surfaces perform better than others.

Features and benefits

Pentrates deep into the surface to chemically destroy rust Removes surface rust Dissolves & cleans off rust and borewater stains Cleans boats

Surface Preperation

Remove oil, grease, paint and loose scale

Application Rust conversion

  Remove oil, grease, paint and loose scale

  Apply Ranex & allow to dry completely in order to penetrate deep rust & to

leave surface in a suitable condition for painting with a primer (1- or 2 components). As Ranex chemically destroys rust it is not necessary to use rust inhibiting paints. Zinc rich paints are not recommended.

• Apply Ranex to the rust effected areas only, wipe off any excess on surrounding metal or paintwork with a damp cloth.

Note: Ranex Rustbuster will convert the rust however it will not prevent it from re- occuring. Treated surfaces left uncoated may experience further rusting after approx. 4-6 weeks after Ranex Rustbuster treatment.

Surface Rust

  Apply Ranex with a brush or roller.

  Wipe off promptly or rinse with fresh water

Stain Remover/cleaner

  Apply Ranex,allow a few minutes to work & then wipe or hose off.

  Do not allow to dry.

  Deep seated stains may need further applications & aggitation with a brush or light scourer.


Note: avoid contact with vehicle paintwork, colorbond ®, dry concrete, antifouling paint, marble & anodised or galvanised surfaces and aluminium.

Drying Time

Drying times vary pending on how it is being used and temperatures – 24 hours. Further maintainance with primer or coating: the surface needs to be complety dry.


250mL, 500mL, 1L, 4L, 20L

Precaution/First Aid

Precaution/First Aid: if swallowed, contact a doctor or the poison information centre. It is recommended that normal personal protective clothing should be worn, including coveralls, impervious gloves and goggles. Avoid unnecessary skin contact and inhalation – use a suitable respirator if spray application is employed. If swallowed do not induce vomiting. If in eyes hold eyelids apart & flush the eye continuously with running water untill advised to stop by poisons information centre or doctor, or for at least 15 minutes. If skin or hair contact occurs remove contaminated clothing & flush skin & hair with running water. Additional information is listed in the Material safety data sheet.


The information contained here is given in good faith and is intended to be of assistance to users. The performance of this product is dependant upon its correct preparation, application on to a sound surface and attention to the instructions on the lab el. The wide variety of surface conditions makes it impossible for the company to assume liability for any loss, consequent ial or otherwise arising from the use of this product. Should the product be found defective our liability shall be elimited to there placement of the product only. We reserve the right to amend specifications and application techniques without prior notice.

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